Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christmas Items

Sweet Pea's will release the first of several new items for Christmas tomorrow! Stay tuned for super cute Baby's First Christmas bibs, and adorable shirts for boys and girls!!

We'll soon be adding a new line of gift items as on the look out, there's a lot of new stuff coming!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008

proudly introducing "Greetings by Paula"

I have debated this for quite a while and finally decided to go ahead with my idea for Holiday 2008. Sweet Pea’s is happy to announce the addition of “Greetings by Paula,” custom-designed photo cards! My first set of Christmas Cards is done…I’ll soon be offering baby announcements, invitations, and other print items. Preview Sweet Pea's Christmas cards below. All ordering information is available by email in a pdf file. If you have any questions or would like to place an order, please do not hesitate to email me. I’d also LOVE to hear what you think of my newest product addition!

If you haven’t taken a look around my website lately, definitely stop by and browse a while!! Things have really changed!!! Almost all my web updates are complete…tons of new fabric samples, tons of new photos, and even some new products! More new products on the way!!! Please continue to bear with me just a little longer as I finish up the web changes…I’m still awaiting a few design changes from the web designer and I will be updating (consolidating) the embroidery designs and fonts later this week.

Sweet Pea’s is having a contest!! We’re giving away a $20 gift certificate to be used toward any Sweet Pea’s purchase if you can name our new machines! Silly, I know, but our old embroidery machines had names (long story) and the new ones have been nameless too long. Julia will be the name judge…the contest will run for one week, beginning today. Julia will choose the winning names and I will email the winning names and prize information next week. Both names must come from the same contributor. Just a reminder…the old machines were “Gus” and “Gertrude.” Good luck and have fun!! :)

Don’t forget to ask about our new designs for holiday shirts for your little cuties!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Replacing Gus & Gertrude

Well, the replacements are here and boy are they N-I-C-E!!! I've got to do some reading and familiarizing myself with the newbies!! They are quite an upgrade from the machines I had before. I also have new embroidery software for my computer...and should have a new laptop coming in pretty soon, too. Lots of upgrades for Sweet Pea's!! Once the kids are well and I'm familiar with the new equipment, I'll be ready to roll!!! Stay tuned!!

The BIG, heavy (!!) boxes our UPS man brought this morning! I was suprised to see him so early...usually he comes around 3pm, but he said he needed room in his truck!

This is one of the new machines set up for embroidery. It's quite a bit larger than my old machines were...and a lot nicer!!

This shows both the new machines, one is not yet set up for embroidery. This is what it looks like for "regular" sewing.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Here are some pictures of Julia's super fun Halloween, this is not her "costume," but something cute and fun to wear leading up to Halloween. Since I've been without my embroidery machines, I tried my hand at what I call "Scraggly App." The appliques were all done by hand (many tiny pieces of fabric!!) and are meant to fray as the items are washed/worn. The skirt is made from a pair of cut off blue jeans, again with an intentional frayed look. I enjoyed this project so much that I intend on doing a couple others for upcoming seasonal outfits.

What do you all think??

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Catching Up and the Demise of Gus & Gertrude

Wow, where do I begin? If you'll notice the date below, it's been quite a while since I've last posted. There are three major reasons for that...

As many of you know, both our children are ill quite often. Typically, they have "minor" illnesses, but tend to have them in "major" ways. Because Julia has been sick so much and really should have grown out of a lot of that...and because she's been having headaches/abdominal pain, we began doing "additional testing" during the summer. If you'd like to read more about all that, you're welcome to check our family blog for details. To make a very long story as short as possible, both children have recently been evaluated by a pedatric ENT and a pediatric allergist. They are both scheduled to have surgeries within the next 3 weeks in hopes of ending quite a lot of their illnesses. If the surgeries do not make a drastic difference, we'll be headed to an immunology specialist next. Making a long story very of the reasons I've not posted in a while is because I've constantly been taking one or both kids for testing or appointments.

Again as many of you know, I've had major internet problems this summer. That halted quite a lot of my work this summer, both in actual sewing/embroidery and in computer updates. Since about mid-August, I have not had any additional computer/internet issues. Hopefully my phone call to Windstream's corporate "unresolved complaint" department put an end to my internet problems for quite a while. The service technician who came out and *finally* fixed our problem (after another guy had come 3 times!!) was very pleasant. :)

Finally, I've had to say goodbye to Gus and Gertrude. They have been faithful companions and hard workers, often working late into the night without complaint and with little reprieve from the demands of their boss. Gus and Gertrude were sadly placed into the hands of the burned out machine deliverer this morning. They will be greatly missed and fondly remembered. Translation: A freak electrical storm just prior to Hurricane Gustav managed to destroy the memory boards in both my embroidery machines and memory cards for my embroidery software which put an immediate halt to any sewing/embroidery I could dream of doing. I have been without embroidery machines for about 6 weeks now. This morning, I was able to hand off my old machines (aka "Gus" and "Gertrude") to the insurance adjuster in return for a check to replace my machines. I hope to order new equipment tomorrow and have all kinds of new toys to play with sometime next week.

That being said, Julia will be having surgery on Monday. My return to work will depend on how she does and when she's well enough for me to get some sewing time. Grant will have his surgery on October 20th. Once they are both well, I'll truly be back in business, hopefully better than ever with brand new equipment!!

Finally, Sweet Pea's is finally getting a major update. I am working on updating the website with new fabrics and embroidery. I'll be consolidating quite a lot of the website to make the decision process easier for customers and not so overwhelming to look through. I'll also be adding my creative outlet...I am designing photo cards/announcements as well as blogs/blog backgrounds. My prices are extremely competitive to most "popular" card printers and the blogs are fun!! I'll try to post more about this newest creative outlet in the coming days!

Until then....

Friday, August 8, 2008

Vacation, School, and Back to Work!

Just thought I'd update everyone on what's going on around here...

We'll be on vacation next week, getting home just in time for our baby girl to start kindergarten. I plan on being "off" until after her first week of school, then will definitely be getting back into the swing of things. I have lots of website updates to do, plus some super cute new patterns to try out for fall & winter! Stay tuned!!

Enjoy the last of your summer vacation!!!